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The Systems Engineering Forum, hosted by The Aerospace Corporation’s Corporate Chief Engineer’s Office, focuses on applying innovative systems engineering principles – such as Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Digital Engineering, Enterprise Systems Engineering – across the space enterprise, contributing to mission success while advancing the state of the discipline.

The forum, currently held virtually, focuses on the unique contributions of The Aerospace Corporation to the systems engineering discipline as a trusted partner in the broader space industry. These events are applicable to U.S. government, international organizations, industry, vendors, academia, professional societies, and trade associations.

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Practical instances of where Digital Engineering facilitates innovation and where it adds barriers.

June 14, 2022 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. Registration is open
Title: What Did I Do Wrong? An Episode in Agile Anti-Patterns
Presenter: Dr. Supannika Mobasser, The Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: In the course of adopting new systems, processes, and modalities, people sometimes do not utilize a process correctly. In doing so, they engage in a practice or pattern that they think will work, but if it is not applied correctly, the practice or pattern actually works against them in delivering product value, and may impede development progress. Colloquialism for this briefing is termed as an “Anti-Pattern”. We conducted a panel to discuss anti-patterns and this presentation was the product of that exercise.
Title: Verification and Validation of SysML Models
Presenters: Myron Hecht and Jaron Chen, The Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: Model Based Systems Engineering depends on correct models. However, thus far, relatively little attention has been paid to ensuring their correctness – particularly for larger system engineering models. This paper describes a methodology for performing verification and validation on models written in SysML. The method relies on a catalog of candidate requirements that can be selected and tailored for a specific project. Many of these requirements can be verified automatically. Examples of diagrams taken from an independently created SysML model of a satellite are presented to show how automated verification can be used to identify non-obvious modeling deficiencies.


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