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The Systems Engineering Forum, hosted by The Aerospace Corporation’s Corporate Chief Engineer’s Office, focuses on applying innovative systems engineering principles – such as Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Digital Engineering, Enterprise Systems Engineering – across the space enterprise, contributing to mission success while advancing the state of the discipline.

The forum, currently held virtually, focuses on the unique contributions of The Aerospace Corporation to the systems engineering discipline as a trusted partner in the broader space industry. These events are applicable to U.S. government, international organizations, industry, vendors, academia, professional societies, and trade associations.

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August 16, 2022 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. Registration is open
Title: Establishing Authoritative Sources of Truth
Presenter: Dr. Matthew Daskilewicz, The Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: Authoritative Sources of Truth (ASOTs) are a key enabler for digital engineering – the idea being to, as much as possible, build workflows that pull information directly from the most-authoritative source available in order to minimize the possibility of using out of date or otherwise incorrect data. This talk will examine some considerations and challenges of establishing, governing, and using ASOTs to solve practical problems. Topics will include both technological and organizational challenges that can arise, with the goal of providing recommendations and questions for you to consider as you begin a digital engineering program.
Title: GENESYS Management of Standards
Presenter: Daniel Winton, The Aerospace Corporation
Abstract: This presentation will show how master copies of standards were ingested into the GENESYS Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)/Digital Engineering (DE) tool separated by shall statements. Rather than creating tailored full copies of the standards based on the original but with changes to customize it for each contract instance, only changed paragraphs specific to the contract were captured. The information is stored in a separate project for each contractor so that proprietary information is kept safe. When a user wants to see or print out the standard, they are given the option to see the original text, the modified statement or both. A tailoring report showing what has been tailored is also available. This is the first step in creating a history of how standards are tailored by multiple programs over time. Much of the interaction with the tool is through a custom web interface. Also, because the file is stored in an MBSE/DE environment, elements of the type standard can be connected with requirements, risks, cost, schedule and test types. These interrelations will also be demonstrated.


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